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    Kids Russia 2016

    01 Mar. - 03 Mar. , Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC

    10 YEARS OF "KIDS RUSSIA" - we celebrate IN MARCH 2016!

    International vyctavka KIDS RUSSIA 1 - March 3, 2016,
    Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2, Hall 8

    International Specialized Exhibition "KIDS RUSSIA" is the most promising and fastest growing exhibition of toys, children's goods, hobby and leisure activities in Eastern Europe.

    All major Russian industrial market leaders here. Once a year, in spring, industry professionals from all regions of Russia, as well as from abroad, come to Moscow for the leading trade exhibition games, toys and hobbies in Russia.

    The exhibition is focused exclusively on the producers and distributors of children's products. By providing a unique combination of a huge product line, targeted industry information and know-how, the many opportunities for business communications exhibition of children's products is an ideal professional platform for business co-operation of people employed in the industry.

    The main reasons for visiting the exhibition:

    • More than 350 exhibitors from 20 countries;
    • 10,000 trade visitors from all regions of Russia and 30 countries of the world;
    • The exposition area of ​​over 12 700 square meters - 500 000 products in 12 product groups;
    • The presence of leading Russian industrial market;
    • The international pavilion "World of Toys" will satisfy the interest in high-quality, branded product;
    • Business-oriented Business program: it is an opportunity to update their knowledge of the market, get invaluable know-how and insights from industry experts to grow its sales and trading success.
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    26 Jan. - 28 Jan. , Moscow, Crocus Expo

    CSTB Expo and Forum. Telecom & Media industry has long been recognized television and telecommunications as the most significant event in the field of electronic media in Russia and the CIS countries. The success of this annual event is directly related to the dynamic structure of the Organization of the exposition, where all new and emerging technologies in the field of TV and telecommunications industries represented in the forefront in all aspects of the exhibition, a forum and related activities. Over the years of its existence the CSTB. Telecom & Media acquired the status of a "window" through which you can look into the future and see what solutions, technologies and business ideas will possess the minds of suppliers, developers and users in the near future and in the long run.  
    in recent years in the broadcast industry has experienced rapid growth and active introduction of new technologies-including IP delivery, as well as the integration of multiple devices in a single chain of consumer media lately special focus is given to the second and third opportunities screen that allows you to gain experience of tv viewing to a whole another level. To meet the expectations of the consumer , the upcoming year will see increasing dependence on mobile telecommunications; We are waiting for full integration and mobility content. It is also expected that the pursuit of reality experience at home will ensure the accelerated development of a 4 k production, delivery and content consumption
    higher resolution.
    Regardless of what trends and development work will focus on, you can be sure that the exhibition and conference CSTB. Telecom & Media is a key event in order to familiarize themselves with the latest developments and innovations in the field of tv and telecommunications.
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    19 Jan. - 21 Jan. , Moscow, ВДНХ, павильон №75

    Huge potential for growth, State support, investment is the key words characterizing the livestock in Russia. Today animal breeding is considered the locomotive of the agricultural production in Russia. Development is rapid. Greatly improved performance in the industry, increased production volumes. But to achieve such objectives as increasing levels of self-sufficiency and reducing imports of products of animal origin, need more work. So at the State level are created favourable conditions for the production of milk and meat, stimulated investment in the industry. As a result, appeared next goal: Russia should evolve from a net importer to a net exporter of poultry meat and pork.
    A guide and a powerful impetus for the professionalization and modernization of Russian animal husbandry is the exhibition "AgroFarm". Industry experts believe the exhibition the main meeting place for breeders in Russia. In 2015, 2010. its products and services at the exhibition presented
    360 exhibitors from 29 countries over 12200 visitors-professionals. Take advantage of the chance to acquire wide popularity in the Russian market and attract the attention of potential buyers. Take part in the crucial event for breeders in Russia!
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    MIOFF-Moscow International Outdoor Fitness Festival

    26 Nov. - 28 Nov. , Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC

    Exhibition MIOFF is 15000 square meters of professional fitness new products — everything you need to equip fitness clubs, halls, group programs, Spa, fitness, bars as well as a wide selection of fitness equipment and workout accessories. Traditionally, the exhibition includes leading companies — suppliers of equipment and services for the fitness industry. 

    Only best MIOFF only the most relevant, new and professional industry experts! 

    On the stands of the companies will be master classes, as well as interactive platforms will be organized. 

    Stay tuned for program! Visiting the exhibition for industry specialists, subject to prior registration for free! Join the unique fitness events! Choose a suitable form of participation, sponsorship or partnership or contact the Organizer to discuss a personalized version of your participation in the project.
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    Moscow International Property

    13 Nov. - 14 Nov. , Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

    Moscow International Property Show-the first professional in the real estate market in Russia. Its organizer has consistently supported aiGroup. The exhibition concept, specializing only in the foreign market, was first implemented in 2003 year. Since then, twice a year, in April and November, TCES "Tishinka" Property Show visitors have an opportunity to meet with leading experts, working in the field of real estate. The largest companies, real estate and brokerage agencies and consulting companies from all over the world-this is the range of exhibitors.
    For 12 years of work Moscow international exhibition of real estate has won a reputation as a first class exhibition now ranks among the best industry events. That is why Property Show presents all the most developed and emerging markets. Leading players understand: to successfully promote their projects, you must show them in Moscow. The main task of the Property Show-create a professional site for exchanging information and making deals and partnerships.
    Russian shoppers must be familiar with all aspects of purchasing a property abroad. Buying apartments, villas, land without familiarizing themselves with the legal procedures, so the organizers shall assume the obligation to ensure the participation of professionals, ready to give necessary consultations. On the other hand, the distinctive feature of the Moscow international exhibition of real estate is high quality and an impressive number of visitors. On this has drawn attention with satisfaction the representatives of exhibiting companies. Moscow international exhibition of real estate is the minimum random people. Here tend to come, those who know exactly what they need, and the questions that they ask different specificity.
    One of the basic principles which the organizers of the Moscow international exhibition of real estate, is formulated as follows: the market of any country can only represent specialist working in this market. This increases the confidence of participants to the exhibition and to each other. Boutique event format does not allow you to expand the number of exhibitors. However, this resulted in the fact that during these years formed a lasting and unchangeable basic structure of permanent participants-serious and highly professional specialists for today the Russian market of real estate. This is a popular and strong companies with a high index of confidence among investors and consumers. Each exhibition Moscow International Property Show is attended by about 200 of the best, time-tested, companies and, as a rule, more than 40 countries around the world. In this regard, the Moscow International Exhibition of real estate has no rivals. Cozy and welcoming, this exhibition apart from other activities a high level of organization, the epitome of professionally developed concept. Its characteristic features are warmth, attention to each participant, whether a big company or an ordinary visitor. The atmosphere of friendly communication allows potential buyers not only to get acquainted with samples of beautiful real estate in the most diverse regions of the world, but also to make the right choice.
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    Medshow 2015

    18 Sep. - 19 Sep. , Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

    MEDSHOW 2015
    Health care is a priority for every person who aspires to a high standard of living. Human health, culture of caring abouthimself and his knowledge about modern medicine opportunities are one of the indicators of the quality of life.
    Many of us at least once faced with the need to consult a specialist for advice, diagnosis or treatment. To obtain medical services of international quality, the Russians are ready to travel abroad. The most important thing at this stage is to getcompetent answers to the most difficult questions:
    • What country you choose to treat?
    • Where to get the necessary documents? 
    • How to find a reliable specialist?
    • How to pay for treatment abroad? 
    • What mistakes you need to avoid? 
    For answers to these questions you can apply to professionals, who will gather in Moscow at the exhibition "MedShow 2015".
    We invite you to start caring about your health by visiting Moscow MedShow 2015.
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    10 Apr. - 11 Apr. , Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

    The first professional international real estate exhibition in Russia. The concept of the exhibition specializing only in foreign markets, was first implemented Moscow in 2003. Since then, twice a year, in April and November, in the trade-exhibition center "Tishinka" Property Show visitors have the opportunity to meet with leading specialists working in the sphere of foreign real estate. The largest real estate developers, real estate and brokerage agencies and consulting companies from around the world - this is the circle of participants.
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    13 Mar. - 14 Mar. , Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

    The basic concept of international investment show held in Moscow (Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show is to present the possibilities for investments abroad. Visitors get first hand information: about the state of the real estate markets of different countries, about prospects of work in different segments of the projects that you can join as a co-investor. This is the place where the visitor competently and professionally will be ready portfolio consisting of investment attractive real estate and/or securities. Here is a simple buyer will be able to buy a house or apartment of your dreams. In the framework of the exhibition in a separate pavilion is "Salon of real estate in Bulgaria". The aim of the exhibition is to organize direct contacts between potential investors interested in Bulgarian real estate, and construction and investment companies in Bulgaria.
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    MEDSHOW 2015

    27 Feb. - 28 Feb. , Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

    Where to find the right person? How to arrange a trip to a foreign clinic? Where to get the necessary documents? How do I pay for? These and dozens of other issues troubling often interfere fast to make the right decision, and it depends on the state of our health. For the answers, it is best to apply directly to the professionals, and the best for this time and place than the exhibition "Treatment abroad MedShow 2014".
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    The Bulgarian Home Exhibition

    13 Feb. - 14 Feb. , Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

    Are you looking for Russian clients to buy your Real Estate in Bulgaria?

    Then you should really consider the Russian market. In Moscow at the Bulgarian Home Exhibition 13 & 14 February 2015 you will have an opportunity to meet and make contact with wealthy Russian clients who are eagerly looking to purchase Bulgarian property and investments.

    The Bulgarian Home Exhibition is a professionally organised event in the comfortable environment of the Tishinka exhibition centre in central Moscow. Extensive advertising and targeted direct mailings will ensure that substantial numbers of potential Russian buyers will visit the event during the 2 days.