IMIS 2014

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Фотографии с выставки

25 Apr. - 27 Apr., Saint Petersburg, ТВК Гарден Сити

Time of broadcasting

  • 25 April: 11:00 - 20:00
  • 26 April: 11:00 - 20:00
  • 27 April: 11:00 - 19:00
The largest in Russia exhibition of the motorcycle industry
- the exhibition presents the world's leading brands of manufacturers of motorcycles USA, Japan, Europe, Asia and Russia;

- accessories and special equipment, components and spare parts, oils and lubricants, Souvenirs and biker paraphernalia is only part of what is submitted annually to the motorbike salon "IMIS".

Custom & Tuning Show with participation of leading motoarele in Russia and abroad

The Cup of St-Petersburg on customizing this is the annual presentation of unique works of engineering art from best Russian and foreign masters motorcycle structure;

the authoritative jury evaluates participants in five different categories. Motorcycle-winner in the nomination "Best in Show" becomes the face of the advertising company of motovylivka "IMIS" for the next year.

International public forum club and motobiznesa "Motorama"

- unique component only St. Petersburg motovylivka "IMIS";

- motorcycle clubs and motoroalla from all over the world have the opportunity to meet, get acquainted, exchange plans for the coming motoseason;

every motorcycle club party free exhibition space.

Stage of Championship of Europe on stuntriding

- Championship of Europe on stuntriding "MOTUL M1 - Stunt Battle Russia". This is the biggest tournament in the entire post-Soviet space, in which accepted the participation of the strongest sportsmen of Russia, Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine.

- spectacular and large-scale sport event held in St. Petersburg once a year, just under the "IMIS".

International conference of metacollection with the demonstration of unique exhibits of motor vehicles from private collections

- only "IMIS" - an unprecedented exhibition of rare samples of motorcycles period 1912 - 1972 from private collections;

- the international forum and the annual meeting place for leading collectors and specialists motofestival in Russia and abroad.

A rich cultural program for participants and guests of the exhibition

- daily presentations of new equipment, accessories and equipment of season - 2014;

- thematic round tables on the main issues of development of the world motodvizheniya;

photo exhibitions, screenings, master classes, test drives;

- special excursions to Saint-Petersburg for the visitors of the exhibition;

- daily evening program by the end of the exhibition;

- and much more...

The event in the life of St. Petersburg and Russia

- attention Petersburg and Russian media on major events at "IMIS";

- participation and interest outstanding representatives of Russian sports, politics, show-business.