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19 Feb. - 21 Feb., Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

In our creative team has gathered the best goldsmiths and talented designers. We love our job and give it the thought, time and heart. That's why all products J&D's delight! - Jewelry is our passion hot. Each ring, regardless of its value, we perfected the shape, color, texture, and turn it into a masterpiece! - The client's wish is our law, his interests our interests, his creative vision is our guide. You can be sure that your wedding ring will fully reflect your attitude to the world and to its second half. - Best of all our products available to almost everyone. The true skill of the jeweler is to create incredible jewelry, no matter silver or platinum, diamond or quartz. The main thing is creative approach and desire to make magic a reality! J&D: the perfect ring for the real love!


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