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19 Jan. - 21 Jan., Moscow, ВДНХ, павильон №75

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Huge potential for growth, State support, investment is the key words characterizing the livestock in Russia. Today animal breeding is considered the locomotive of the agricultural production in Russia. Development is rapid. Greatly improved performance in the industry, increased production volumes. But to achieve such objectives as increasing levels of self-sufficiency and reducing imports of products of animal origin, need more work. So at the State level are created favourable conditions for the production of milk and meat, stimulated investment in the industry. As a result, appeared next goal: Russia should evolve from a net importer to a net exporter of poultry meat and pork.
A guide and a powerful impetus for the professionalization and modernization of Russian animal husbandry is the exhibition "AgroFarm". Industry experts believe the exhibition the main meeting place for breeders in Russia. In 2015, 2010. its products and services at the exhibition presented
360 exhibitors from 29 countries over 12200 visitors-professionals. Take advantage of the chance to acquire wide popularity in the Russian market and attract the attention of potential buyers. Take part in the crucial event for breeders in Russia!