Medshow 2015

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18 Sep. - 19 Sep., Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

Time of broadcasting

  • 18-19 September: 10:00 - 17:30
Health care is a priority for every person who aspires to a high standard of living. Human health, culture of caring abouthimself and his knowledge about modern medicine opportunities are one of the indicators of the quality of life.
Many of us at least once faced with the need to consult a specialist for advice, diagnosis or treatment. To obtain medical services of international quality, the Russians are ready to travel abroad. The most important thing at this stage is to getcompetent answers to the most difficult questions:
  • What country you choose to treat?
  • Where to get the necessary documents? 
  • How to find a reliable specialist?
  • How to pay for treatment abroad? 
  • What mistakes you need to avoid? 
For answers to these questions you can apply to professionals, who will gather in Moscow at the exhibition "MedShow 2015".
We invite you to start caring about your health by visiting Moscow MedShow 2015.