Suburban real estate exhibition "Dom Show" in Moscow

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21 Mar. - 22 Mar., Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

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  • 21 March: 12:00 - 19:00
  • 22 March: 11:00 - 19:00
Live in the capital , in a spacious and modern city apartment - certainly convenient and prestigious . Positive aspects of life in the city is difficult to overestimate , but it does have this , of course, a comfortable life and a downside : sooner or later begin to tire sounds of the city , overpopulation , pollution and traffic jams. Has a dream to move to own a cottage or country house . Own house will increase your living space at least twice. Separate dressing room for the wife , child 's playroom , a spa floor and billiards for yourself ... Why not ? You can enjoy the woodland walks with children, enjoy the picturesque nature , breathe clean air, gather mushrooms and berries , fishing, swimming in the lake or river. All the benefits and delights of life in the country and not listed.
But buying a vacation home , and with it all of the above benefits , you do not give up the capital goods. You can still quickly and easily get to the city center at any time , the benefit of the road near Moscow tidied appear interchanges, highway unloaded .

What today are buying suburban real estate market ? Popular cottages, townhouses , luxury homes / estates, homes and land. Recently there was a trend towards buying large plots. What do the owners to their land ? As in the old building large estates to parks or gardens fruiting . Other - deploying private golf course or building their own yacht clubs, home fisherman stables. Yes , anything ! How many hobbies , so many options ! Would desire .

Often, however, the willingness and ability of one is not enough. To make a decision to buy a country house or land , required additional clarifying information , answers to questions . Highway in what is better to buy land ? Which is better - a site with a contract or without a contract for construction ? What is the market value of the land ? How to formalize land ownership ? What is land tax ? How to bring communication? All the questions you can answer specialists exhibitors suburban real estate " DOMSHOU ."