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26 Jan. - 28 Jan., Moscow, Crocus Expo

Time of broadcasting

CSTB Expo and Forum. Telecom & Media industry has long been recognized television and telecommunications as the most significant event in the field of electronic media in Russia and the CIS countries. The success of this annual event is directly related to the dynamic structure of the Organization of the exposition, where all new and emerging technologies in the field of TV and telecommunications industries represented in the forefront in all aspects of the exhibition, a forum and related activities. Over the years of its existence the CSTB. Telecom & Media acquired the status of a "window" through which you can look into the future and see what solutions, technologies and business ideas will possess the minds of suppliers, developers and users in the near future and in the long run.  
in recent years in the broadcast industry has experienced rapid growth and active introduction of new technologies-including IP delivery, as well as the integration of multiple devices in a single chain of consumer media lately special focus is given to the second and third opportunities screen that allows you to gain experience of tv viewing to a whole another level. To meet the expectations of the consumer , the upcoming year will see increasing dependence on mobile telecommunications; We are waiting for full integration and mobility content. It is also expected that the pursuit of reality experience at home will ensure the accelerated development of a 4 k production, delivery and content consumption
higher resolution.
Regardless of what trends and development work will focus on, you can be sure that the exhibition and conference CSTB. Telecom & Media is a key event in order to familiarize themselves with the latest developments and innovations in the field of tv and telecommunications.