Why do you need on-line broadcasts from stands?

Today traditional methods of attracting attention hardly work. Often a client is tired of spam and combative advertising, so he does not pay attention to a company's attempts to interest him in their products or services.

Today the market really needs new techniques that entertain visitors, satisfying their interest and smoothly transferring them into the status of the potential client.

Overload of halls and stands by amateurs, people with idle interest or simply "bystanders" is quite common at trade shows. In general, people's attention is useful and enjoyable. However, the question of the quality of visitors, their contribution to the business area of the show is always urgent.

In contrast to relaxed guests modern businessman is very busy. However, because of the high competition in the market he really has to be aware of all the new products in the field.

Without leaving the office, the businessman can get acquainted with the set of stands, the atmosphere of the exposition and take a decision in favor of a real visit. Even if a series of events of an exposition include minimum number of shows, a businessman that notices the activity at your stand consciously or unconsciously will get interested in a visit. And your company will automatically become a stand out from other statically organized stands. It is likely that having realized the scale of broadcast (which is worldwide) he will think about the benefits of contact with you in more constructive and realistic way. People who can assess the prospects never refuse from such broad methods of promoting their product, service and company. The result: the number of in-person guests "of their own interest" may decline slightly, but it will increase markedly in the Internet space.

Just imagine that your prospective client still does not know anything about you. Among the hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of companies, monotonous text and standard slogans, he suddenly finds a stand with a live video broadcast!

One warm smile of your employee from the stand addressed to a person sitting at the computer can help to feel your positive attitude. Company loyalty begins with such small but vivid things!

Regardless of number of guests are standing next to your employee at the stand or how many people watching you online on our (or your) site, in any case we're recording!

So the most successful presentations can be used in the future after the exposition! Not every company today can boast of a video presentation. Now with GO TO EX you can!

Arrange your corporate business show right during an exposition!

"Question to the stand" widget will allow your employees at the stand and your online visitors to maintain a constructive dialogue, to conduct exciting presentation in real time. As your audience has increased much!

Besides, your employee can demonstrate on the client's request using the camera features of exhibits, their special characteristics or technical advantages in real time.

Unique interactive function allows Internet users to get acquainted with your exhibits without the hustle and bustle. Masks of products, exhibited samples help to choose exactly the thing your visitor is interested in and get maximum information about the exhibit.

The more you tell about your exhibit, the higher the higher are the levels of expertise of your company in the eyes of visitors, businessmen and potential customers and partners.

How to offer the customer more useful information? How can you help him get some articles from you and not to force carry heavy bags with brochures and leaflets? How to pass the materials in a few minutes on the other side of the world to a potential partner?

For these purpose we offer the exhibitors to spread information materials and presentations for download by visitors.

At any time pre-prepared materials help to refresh or update the information obtained in the bustle of the exposition. And employees of new partners will not lose your booklet!

And finally GO TO EX gives your stand a powerful information support, unique interactive features, the latest technology to attract visitors. You can talk about your company and products to the world in real-time mode!

Just think about it: getting a stand with area of few square meters, you get a number of visitors, which even a stadium is not able to accommodate! A stand is worth paying: the area is the same but many times more visitors can come!

Why do we keep all these records?

Today training and human resources is one of the most urgent and pressing problems for almost any company. Records obtained during the exhibition will help you to track down and identify effective and ineffective methods of interaction with clients, noting the behavior and activity of an employee at the stand.

A careful analysis of the employee's action on the record will create conditions of "live training" to improve personal and system sales. Study the behavior of your leaders and teach beginners on real examples.

Besides in many situations top managers visit an exposition, while the key staff may not be available. Invite your colleagues to attend the exposition, your stand, stand of partners and competitors www.gotoex.com, and you'll always be in the hot seat, getting most recent information.

Every company in one way or another is interested in promoting its site. And one of the main components of promotion is a live traffic. On-line broadcast and its records encourage visitors to stay on your site. Go back for the latest information. Return again and again to view the events in record.

For many exhibitors as well as potential partners and customers such demonstration will become an activator of credibility and loyalty. After all, the rate of appearance of innovation systems shows the intensity of the company, its genuine interest and concern for customers and partners. To be the first among the best - that's what highlights the market leaders today.

The organizing company also receives additional click-through from the site gotoex.com. This not only increases the index by search engines, but also attracts more and more customers and partners.

Ultimately, the development of drawing attention on both regional and global levels with the help of GO TO EX system leads to greater popularity of your company, its recognition. Becoming a leader, strengthening your leading position today, you are bound to get a rise in sales and customer activity.

It should be mentioned that GO TO EX system is an indispensable tool for young companies that are just entering the market and are not famous in the business circles of the industry.
With GO TO EX a start can be more rapid than businessmen can imagine in their boldest dreams.

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The benefits you get with GO TO EX:

  • separate stand
  • the attention of those visitors whose presence was impossible before GO TO EX appeared
  • and the possibility of recording your business show right during the exhibition
  • "question to the stand" function
  • interactive exhibit masks
  • visitors get access to your additional presentation materials and finished presentations
  • stand is available for much more visitors than could be seated on its physical area
  • records to analyze and identify effective methods of interaction
  • staff training in the process of analysis of records
  • maintaining an understanding of the current situation among the company's employees (in the office, in regions, remote)
  • targeted traffic to the website
  • raising the status of the company through innovation
  • opportunity for new companies to reach a broad market promptly