Sezgin jewels

ARGENTA.SU Фабрика серебра. Выставка JUNWEX ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Павильон 3, стенд 311 и павильон 8A, стенд 130.

05 Feb. - 09 Feb., Saint Petersburg, EC "Lenekspo"

Sezgin Jewels takes its position between the sectoral forerunner enterprises either the manufacturer or the identity and attend in the retail business ,by experience in Jewel Sector more than 60 years. Since 1950, Sezgin Jewels provides the variation of 925 carat silver , steel , semi-precious natural Stones , golded items , diamond and accessories under one umbrella and today is the leader in Jewel Output by being f influential in the Sector .

Sezgin Jewels strenghts its success , with own energy production ,by including the international well-known brands distributionsships and exteding the products category.


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