ARGENTA.SU Фабрика серебра. Выставка JUNWEX ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Павильон 3, стенд 311 и павильон 8A, стенд 130.

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05 Feb. - 09 Feb., Saint Petersburg, EC "Lenekspo"

The company Senate - Nizhny Novgorod jewelry company with more than 10-year history. At the moment the network consists of 20 rooms, located in Nizhny Novgorod, Bor, Kstovo and Sarov. Today the network of the salons of the Senate is positioned as boutiques, impressive variety of shades of natural stones in combination with platinum, gold and silver, where design and quality merge in a perfect form. A network of salons Senate offers its clients refinement and originality in combination with reasonable price.
All products sold in our network, clearly visible flight of fancy designer, full harmony of ideas and performance, perfection of forms and quality. Each sold us a piece of jewelry has a history, has the ability to Express thoughts and feelings and incur a charge of positive emotions.
In ornaments purchased from us, You will experience a sense of the true delight and confident living comfort, because each piece is a work of art, vested in the Union of precious metals and natural precious stones, which harmoniously with the unique silhouette.
Only in our salons You have the option to buy the products of the most sought-after collections of the fashion world, such as Kenzo, Cacharel, GoldofBrazil...enjoy other product catalogs manufacturing plants or to design its own and give it to the implementation of high-class masters-jewellers in the design Bureau. Design Bureau in the salons network, the Senate is a real Studio to create works of jeweller's art. Choose for yourself what You want to be today: the bright and bold, or exquisite and romantic...Create your unique image along with jewelry salons Senate!
In addition to the extensive range of jewelry, the company Senate proposes to acquire professional jewelry cosmetics for Your products, gourmet gift wrapping and gift certificates.
Come and see the exhibition of luxury where each product has its own legend and each creates a fairy tale. Feel the magic emotions in the network of jewelry stores Senate!


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