ARGENTA.SU Фабрика серебра. Выставка JUNWEX ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Павильон 3, стенд 311 и павильон 8A, стенд 130.

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05 Feb. - 09 Feb., Saint Petersburg, EC "Lenekspo"

The company"GRANT" is founded in 2005, the General Director Stanislav Vladimirovich Мазурчик, year St. Petersburg, where he created the world famous masters of the art of jewelry, such as Faberge, Khlebnikov, Grachev and others
During the existence the company has developed from a private workshop to create its own production, which employs experts in their delaw our range widely presented all groups of goods - jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, pearls,fianites and goods without stones, made from gold and silver. The company follows the trend of fashion, creating every year several hundreds of new models, firmly holding a leading position in its industry. Constant improving of production was developed and released a new line of products - gold,silver glasses- "turncoats"Ejegodno carries out modernization of production basis, which is owned by the company.
Our company participates in all major Russian allowing their exhibition this year the company "GRANT" was awarded the diploma of the exhibition JUNWEX for third place in the nomination "mass Production of jewelry made of pearls." The company also draws on the experience of visiting the exhibition world manufacturers abroad.
The company mission is to enter the world market, since the prices of products in Russia with all taxes comparable to the prices in the low price category world producers,to satisfy the tastes of the most exacting potrebitelskaya "GRANT"invests in its products, the skills and soul, carrying the joy and unforgettable emotions.


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