ARGENTA.SU Фабрика серебра. Выставка JUNWEX ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Павильон 3, стенд 311 и павильон 8A, стенд 130.

05 Feb. - 09 Feb., Saint Petersburg, EC "Lenekspo"

Many St. Petersburg addresses are historically associated with the names of the best jewelers of Russia and Europe. This tradition continues nowadays. So, in 1993 at one of the most prestigious streets of the city - Million people, located in direct proximity to the former Imperial residence - the Winter Palace, was opened the first in St. Petersburg private jewelry store post-Soviet era. The salon has become a kind of landmark of the city. Here in different times bought the jewels singer Sergey Rogozhin, actress Olga Volkova, Director Alexander Galibin, jeweller Andrey Ananov and many other celebrities. And the interior of jewelry salon in Millionnaya and presented jewelry has played a «major role» in the subject of the popular television program Yurii Stoyanov and of Ilya Oleinikov, «Town».

This store has initiated the creation of branded retail network of the group of the jewelry companies, which later became known under the registered trademark JUWELL.
Following the logical stages of business development was the organization of a network of specialized pawnshops and the opening of the wholesale shop.
The basic direction of work of group of companies is the offer of high quality jewellery goods of mass demand. Policy careful selection of suppliers allows us to constantly update assortment and to follow the latest tendencies of the world fashion.
The group of companies JUWELL works on the jewelry market for twenty years, and those years were very difficult for the economy of our country. However, good governance and correctly chosen strategy of development JUWELL allowed not only to successfully overcome all the trials, but also to strengthen their own positions