ARGENTA.SU Фабрика серебра. Выставка JUNWEX ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Павильон 3, стенд 311 и павильон 8A, стенд 130.

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05 Feb. - 09 Feb., Saint Petersburg, EC "Lenekspo"

Saint-Petersburg «Jewellery factory «Alfa» is one of the largest dynamically developing enterprises in the industry. «Alpha» saves loyalty and love for traditional Russian school of jewelry art. Actively working on domestic and foreign markets, engaged in propagation and popularization of cultural heritage of Russian jewelers, we are developing our own style, embodied in the persity of products the most elegant of the arts. For years of work the company has established itself as a solid and reliable company, brand which is a guarantee of excellent taste and good quality. Increasing the prestige of the firm promotes participation in the largest Russian and foreign exhibitions, as well as in professional competitions where the work of our specialists have been repeatedly recognized as the best and received diplomas and awards. Full member of the chamber of Commerce and industry of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, the Guild of jewelers of Russia, the Assembly of jewelers of Saint Petersburg, the Association of national-art crafts and other public organizations «Jewellery factory «Alfa» is work for the revival of former glory of St. Petersburg, which historically is a jeweller center of Russia!


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