ART Modern scientific technology

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21 Nov. - 22 Nov., Moscow, OOO «KVC Sokolniki»:

Since 1998 our company has been successfully producing on contracts wide range of specialized products for men's health. We are pleased to do our work efficiently and at competitive prices.
In our range wide range of formulations of bars and drinks, dry products and specialized dietary Supplements.

We provide services of mixing, sieving, packing, packaging, tableting, encapsulation process, granulation, bottling of beverages and the manufacture of bars, in chocolate and in white glaze.
You can come to us with the idea and we'll bring it to life!
Everything from initial formulation to final product registration!
Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our company"ART Modern scientific technology" is the leading Russian manufacturer of specialized nutrition with high nutritional properties. Company is located at ecologically clean area of Moscow region and is fully certified for the production of dry mixes, dietary SUPPLEMENTS, beverages, bars


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