18 Mar. - 19 Mar., Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

The company "Modern Technological Lines" is engaged in develop- coy and production of medical equipment, is a chartered specialized in leading international, Russian and Federal exhibitions, such as "Healthy lifestyle — 2012", "X International specialized exhibition "World of Biotechnology", "World Medicine — 2013", "XVII international exhibition "Hospital", "Senior Generation — 2012", "IX international exhibition "Sport" and many others. etc. The products we offer are modern, efficient, on- reliable and high quality machines having appropriate documents (registration certificate of Ministry of health, a positive ing protocols and conclusions of the CCB, RAS, Scientific Center of Neurology, RAMS and the Scientific and outpatient Department of the FGI "cyto them. N. N. Priorov") about the possibility of their application in medical institutions and home conditions tions.