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19 Dec. - 23 Dec., Moscow, Экспоцентр

Each Abashevskaya toy is made individually and has its own passport with the date of manufacture, signed by the author.

Abashevskaya toy – Russian art craft , which was formed in Spassky district in the territory of the villages Abashevo, Bogdanova mentioned in cadastres of Shatsky district, 1616. Village artisans glorified people-the Potter and the Piper. About half of the residents of these villages circling on circles of various pottery utensils made of clay and sculpted a toy whistle.

In 1962. was open a ceramic factory using Abashevskaya clay for casting household sculpture of small forms. In 1968 the factory was invited to the hand-crafted toys master A. F. Zotkin. Since 1972 this work has continued Sodini, Krayushkina and others. The best craftsmen were from conservatives.

We want to contribute to the revival of folk crafts in Russia!


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