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15 Apr. - 17 Apr., Moscow, Crocus Expo

In 2002, the company "Dipol" (Saint Petersburg) is a leading Russian provider of solutions, technologies and equipment for electronic industry — began producing jobs for the Assembly of electronic equipment. From this moment begins the story of the industrial furniture VIKING.

Today industrial furniture VIKING is a wide range of products: jobs for various purposes, work tables, movable tables, cabinets, racks and carts, metal cabinets and racks, antistatic chairs, and much more.

Our company, applying new materials and technologies, the first in Russia to produce industrial furniture ESD version, in accordance with the standard GOST R 53734 (IEC 61340). Antistatic workplaces VIKING became the de facto standard for the enterprises of electronic industry of Russia.

In addition to antistatic furniture, we offer a full range of solutions for equipment spaces protected from static electricity, and equipment of workplaces. It is the facilities of the ESD grounding, anti-static clothing and shoes, antistatic packaging, ionizers, anti-static tools and accessories, instruments ESD-monitoring and audit, and more. Most of the products comes under the brand name VKG TOOLS that integrates goods produced for us by various domestic and foreign manufacturers. Also we present in Russia products of famous European brands: Purex, Sievi, etc.

The solutions we offer include anti-static epoxy floor coatings and industrial anti-static linoleum. We also carry out work on the shading/floor ESD coatings in accordance with the requirements defined in the standards GOST R 53734.5.1–2009 (IEC 61340-5-1:2007) and GOST R 53734.5.2–2009 (IEC 61340-5-2:2007).


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