AMG Pastoral Ltd

04 Feb. - 06 Feb., Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Centre

New Zealand produces about 35% of the world's traded volume of milk. 9000 dairy farms known all over the world as producers of high quality, cheap milk without government subsidies. New Zealand sends its products to more than 100 countries of the world and compete with local manufacturers in their markets. This global dairy engine with a capacity of 4 million cows and growth has hundreds of new dairy farms annually. This low productive lands turn into highly profitable grazing systems. A farmer in New Zealand today not only «work» on earth but successful businessmen investing millions in their life. 95% of milk produced in New Zealand comes in second in the world on volumes of processing company in the world. This mega company “Fonterra” is fully owned by the farmers.
New Zealand's economy relies entirely on its farmers profitable and stable, as the production effectively and is constantly growing. Many technology companies are working with farmers, helping them to be globally competitive. New products and services constantly appear on the market, increasing the efficiency of milk production on the pastures. These products are the most sophisticated in the market at present and help the farmer to achieve a single goal - the transformation of grass in profit.

AMG Pastoral Ltd, a company with extensive knowledge on the conversion of productive land in finely tuned dairy farms. Staff of the company has many skills not only in the conversion of dairy assets, but also in achieving their financial goals of the project. If You ask AMG Pastoral Ltd to carry out the analysis of project payback you will get a detailed report which will allow You to make investments on the basis of professionally prepared information .
AMG Pastoral also offers a full service for current operational management of Your dairy assets.


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