Kimelfeld Sergey

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06 Mar. - 09 Mar., Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Centre

Artisans are not born. The funny thing is that everything is cyclical. Cyclical habits, fashion, sayings and historical development. Craft created a civilization. The emergence of artisans, the ability to deal with them only by their work, the need for them to connect and interact, trade is the hour conception of civilization. They joined the first city, they were the first «Civil» (civil) people on the planet. They mankind owes to the fact that it has grown today.

With time the color of this word changed. Industrial production gradually squeezed artisans from everywhere... mostly prices, although the quality too. And craftsman in understanding consumer somehow turned into a hack... or in malonaselennai manufacturer. In our days, the story makes regular turnover and craft returns to where individuality of a craftsman is crucial.