06 Mar. - 09 Mar., Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Centre

A key activity of LLC «Cloud» - a small-scale manufacture of jewelry copyright models from gold and silver with inserts of natural and synthetic stones, pearls and Swarovski crystal.
At exhibitions we present own jewelry design and production. Thanks to the use in the production process, as traditional methods and the most advanced technology, our products are of excellent quality and affordable prices.

We do not embroider with a dagger, both in the Central Russian province - we live in a different landscape and see the world differently. We live and work in St. Petersburg entire conscious life, breathe his damp air, and then, as the waves of the Neva beat against the granite embankments, determines the rhythm of our hearts.
Art is born from the determination to wrest the shape of the world where man is passive creature and include them in the world, where "the man commanded, while retaining the substance of joy", which we all want. Aesthetic values are eternal, and their value is very high especially in an era when people face the danger to dive head first into materialism and mechanics.
Every time creating a new design, we make a particle of this idea, again look at what kind of face turned Genesis, as the shape of the product contains its essence, looking for confirmation that "the world's imagination like the validity and grief of life is negligible".
The design of the products we are developing independently, continuing the tradition of the best Russian artists, creators of the masterpieces of jewelry art. By itself, Saint-Petersburg, a magnificent city of straight lines, harmony and purity, largely determines the style of our products. The design is born in the geometric definition of divergent avenues, cut granite embankments of the Neva, in the narrow winding lanes, penetrating the flesh of the city on Avenue canal in the city, "where the dead officer chasing carriage pulls the General's coat with Abalevich shoulders, and the human nose in uniform and orders, received appointment, goes abroad.


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