Drip silver

06 Mar. - 09 Mar., Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Centre

“Drip silver - jewelry company from St. Petersburg.

We are selling jewelry from silver production in Thailand and Hong Kong.

The main direction of our activity is the sale of jewelry made of silver with marcasite, manufactured in Switzerland under the trademark “Made with SWAROVSKI MARCASITE”.

We also offer silver items with microsocialthat their appearance is almost indistinguishable from the gold with diamonds.

Advanced technologies, original design and high quality are the main components of success of their products. Most of the technologies used in the manufacture of our products, do not have analogues on the Russian jewelry market.

We work directly with manufacturers, which allows us to offer competitive prices.

Each jewelry company meets the highest requirements of modern jewelry market. The production is recognized in the professional environment, which is confirmed by the constant interest of wholesale and retail consumers. Our company regularly participates in the largest wholesale jewelry exhibitions: JUNWEX St. Petersburg), JUNWEX Moscow (Moscow). JUNWEX (Ekaterinburg), the Golden Ring of Russia (Kostroma).

All our products undergo multistage quality control at the stage of procurement, the assay Chamber of the Russian Federation, immediately before the sale. Our company has developed the program of consumer loyalty discounts, return and exchange. All products are sold in their original packaging.

Therefore, buying jewelry company «Drip silver», You can be sure that they invest in liquid commodity and in the absence of customer return.

Our company adheres honest and understandable principles of work is simple pricing, thought-out assortment policy, individual approach to each client.