06 Mar. - 09 Mar., Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Centre

The St. Petersburg jewelry company «Akimov» was founded in 1997 by the artist, a jeweler and a technologist Sergey Akimov.

Best jewellers of Russia has always considered it an honour to work for the Orthodox Church. Jewelry company «Akimov» have chosen this direction.

Since the establishment of the enterprise specializes in the manufacture of highly artistic jewelry Orthodox theme. It crosses, icons, reliquaries, rings, bracelets with relief images of saints, made in the technique of casting made of gold and gilded silver, with precious stones and enamels. Widely known in Russia and abroad, the company name has become a symbol of simple yet exquisite style Orthodox jewelry market.

For many years the company «Akimov» invariably maintains the highest level of all manufactured collections. This, of course, requires a serious approach to their art, the iconographic program. Only spiritually meaningful work can cause a lively response in the soul of a believer.

The main artistic principle of the company is creation of a new image at the Orthodox Canon. The faces of saints in all the works of canonical, but they always turned to modern man. This newly created works of art. The path to create a new image is complicated as it requires serious historical and iconographic knowledge. The guarantor canonicity produced collections acts Archbishop Nazary, Abbot of the St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

According to Russian tradition, part of the proceeds from the production company shall transfer funds for charitable purposes. They are directed on support of the Orthodox radio «Grad Petrov» the diocese of St. Petersburg, center of social adaptation of children-orphans with disabilities at St. Nicholas parish in the village Lebyazhye, the Children's charity Fund «Charity for children»Charity Foundation for the support and assistance of the Department of the St. Petersburg diocese on interaction with Armed forces and law enforcement agencies «Christian warriors». In addition, the company is a permanent sponsor of the annual International festival of contemporary Orthodox spiritual songs «pink bells».