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01 Feb. - 04 Feb., Moscow, OOO «KVC Sokolniki»:

The company Speardiver – known manufacturer of equipment for underwater hunting. The company's products won the love of consumers, thanks to the high quality, keeping up with time, technology and expertise. Each product Speardiver before the official release is actively being tested by professional divers in fresh, sea and ocean water. As a result the entire company's range is incredible reliability and ease of use.

The list of goods Speardiver wide and varied. Popularity has already won the rifle that combines the range and accuracy. Along the way, the company provides accessories for guns.

Tips Speardiver established themselves among the fans of underwater hunting, and differ in durability. Most models are made of durable steel of grade 40X13. The tips are hardened, they are very sharp and have a high penetrating power. A variety of models will allow you to choose several types of tips Speardiver, depending on the tasks that lie before you. In addition, fans can purchase Speardiver blades, cook, arrows, bags, instruments for diving and more.