Underwater painting by Olga Belkin

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01 Feb. - 04 Feb., Moscow, OOO «KVC Sokolniki»:

Olga Belkina is a professional underwater artist, the world's only underwater portrait. She has developed a unique technology of painting in salt water, allowing you to paint from nature, conveying the tiniest details of the underwater world.

Creative way of the artist underwater.

Olga Belkina – solo diver and master trainer, teaching scuba diving from beginner to professional level. The last five years living predominantly in Thailand, where introduces the underwater world of children and adults. In addition, she is a professional artist. Every time scuba diving, she wanted to capture the underwater beauty, to share experiences with other people. Photos and videography are not able to transfer them to the fullest. So Olga began developing a technique of painting from nature.

Extensive experience in painting and diving helped to overcome optical distortion of color and form in the water column. After several years of experimentation, she managed to achieve not only the desired visual effect, but also to the longevity of paintings.

Now Olga lives in the journey painting in the tropical seas.

Each painting is created slowly, over several dives that last up to one and a half hours. All from the first to the last brushstroke is applied under water. You need to work quickly, accurately. Time to fix errors.