01 Feb. - 04 Feb., Moscow, OOO «KVC Sokolniki»:

MARLIN is a young, dynamically developing company-manufacturer of equipment for spearfishing and diving. We are manufacturers in the true sense of the word. Our own modern production facility allows us to control every piece cut and every inch of weld online. Any changes and improvements happen on the fly. Efficiency - that's our credo. We do not need to wait for samples for months to approve them. If we decide to change this or that detail in the design in the morning, get a sample of the day and run the finished product in the series already in the evening. Quality – our all. For us it's not just words: we order the materials from the best suppliers in the world, the workpiece on the precision German equipment. Just follow the proverb "the taste and color of comrades not," we are constantly expanding range of products, both in models and in colors. Now we have more than ten models of wetsuits in eight possible colors and five dozen masks and two dozen tubes.