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01 Feb. - 04 Feb., Moscow, OOO «KVC Sokolniki»:

The company Finnsub (Finsub) was founded in 1998 as distributor of two well-known Finnish brands - Suunto and Ursuit - which were and still are the world's leading diving brands. In 2009 the company started to develop diving technology under its own brand Finnsub. The hallmark of the company FINNSUB is the QUALITY and USABILITY of the products launched on the market! FINNSUB in the manufacture of its products using the best materials and ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY!

All products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and passes strict quality control.

For example, Wings to Fly have excellent flow and easy to operate, resistant to the environment and virtually indestructible, used in their manufacture the material, extremely durable (Cordura 2000), and the unique comfort of the shoulder belts originally developed for parachute systems for maximum safety, you can quickly adjust, quick to wear and remove equipment. Fly wings are perfect for sport and technical divers requiring excellent equipment!

The range of our Lights Finnlight features the best combination of performance in brightness and glow time. Their production used the most qualitative components, which today offers the world market. Rotary magnetic switch ring enables you to change the power setting depending on the ambient conditions and immersion time optimization of the illumination, and the quality of workmanship guarantees a long life product Finnlight.

Products FINNSUB has a beautiful, modern design and allows you to optimize all Your gear. This is the BEST solution for diving or teaching scuba!