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01 Feb. - 04 Feb., Moscow, OOO «KVC Sokolniki»:

CRESSI is the oldest company in the world in the production of goods for diving: its official history began in 1946, when brothers Egidio and Nanni kressi (Egidio and Nanni Cressi) founded the family firm, but by that time they are already 7 years (since 1939) were engaged in small-scale manual production machine tools and equipment.

Thus, the history of scuba diving and Snorkelling is inextricably linked with the history of the company Cressi. It is no coincidence that the firm Cressi owns many innovative developments, which have served as major milestones in the development of the sport over the past sixty years and have become benchmarks for other manufacturers.
So, in 1946 by Egidio and Nanni kressi brothers who were United by a passionate love for the sea, founded Cressi. Thanks to their enthusiasm, world of diving has changed completely and he leaped forward, turning into that fantastic sport that we know today.

Any new product, even today it is developed by computer-aided design and produced using the latest hi-tech equipment needs to be tested for suitability for long-term use in a real dive, and only after that may not be approved for production. The philosophy of Antonio cressey (Antonio Cressi), who from a young age interested in the Affairs of the company and is passionate about continuing the traditions of his father and uncle. With the same love to each child, with the same criticism he personally conducts tests at sea, evaluating the equipment against the most stringent criteria. Today, the Cressi company is 16 000 sq. m of covered premises, the most modern molding equipment and robotic production systems. The company has several specialized technical departments where computer aided design all new products are continuously researching new materials and are known for their uncompromising acceptance tests.