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01 Feb. - 04 Feb., Moscow, OOO «KVC Sokolniki»:

In the mid 90-ies of a few enthusiasts decided to create a club of diving. At first it was a group of people United by a common interest. However, the idea developed rapidly and quickly evolved beyond a casual hobby. In 1997, a group of diving has evolved into an organization with the official name "Aqua-Don". Its founder was Alexander Yarmish, one of the first PADI instructors in Russia. He's one of the few divers in our country who personally knew the founder of this organization, John Cronin.

Today, "Aqua-Don" - is not only a diving centre with well-equipped classrooms for learning and their platform in a better pool of Rostov-on-don. Over time, the club turned into a group of companies AQUA DISCOVERY. She owns a chain of stores wholesale and retail sales of high-end equipment for diving and spearfishing. Moreover, the company produces its own equipment adapted to the harsh Russian conditions. Brand "AQUA DISCOVERY" is popular not only in Russia but also in CIS countries. The company also has a service for the production of neoprene equipment under the individual order and repair any equipment made of neoprene. Within the company AQUA DISCOVERY is a travel Agency that organizes trips for divers in the most picturesque places of the globe. The geography of dives with the club "Aqua-Don" is extremely broad: Australia, Bahamas, Fiji, Maldives, Egypt, Malaysia, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand.

In addition to travel abroad, "Aqua-Don" organizes trips to Russia. Rostov oblast, Volga, Black sea, far East, Baikal, Blue lake in Kabardino-Balkaria – dip available all the most exciting and beautiful places in the country.Company AQUA DISCOVERY continues to evolve, exploring new territory – as geograficheskie and professional. Today, the company maintains close relations with many foreign dive centers, travel agencies and manufacturers of equipment. The company takes an active part in all activities related to the diving industry and underwater hunting. On account of the "WORMWOOD DISCOVERY" of huge quantities of exhibitions, victories and awards. For example, in 2011 the company "AQUA DISCOVERY" received a diploma and a memorable sign: "the Best manufacturer of domestic equipment in Russia".