"Tonoslav" LTD

13 Nov. - 14 Nov., Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

Construction company builds TONOZLIEVI in a cozy Bulgarian town of Pomorie, which is a balneological centre of the southern coast of Bulgaria. Pomorie is the native town of the founders of the company, in which they not only build, but also live. The organization has long-term construction practice and considerable experience. Builds without loan funds, the construction finishes on time with good quality, maintains its own objects. Built homes are designed for living, which, along with the conditioning in each room has heating and a chimney for a fireplace in each apartment. The main principle of the company - to do the job professionally and with dignity. The Moscow office of a construction company LLC "Burmanica" offers a full range of legal services and solutions to organizational issues related to buying property in Bulgaria.


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