Fuji motors LTD is the official exclusive distributor of Kawasaki in Russia

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24 Aug. - 04 Sep., Moscow, Crocus Expo

Kawasaki is always the quality and speed, dynamics and cutting-edge technology, reliability, and security, of course, your unique style and impeccable sustainability. The name Kawasaki has always been associated with the technologies of the future. Their advanced units, recognized by the designs of the twenty-first century, the famous Japanese company has produced in the twentieth century. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the third Millennium, Kawasaki is a symbol of technical progress. The company was established in 1878, when its founder, industrialist Shozo Kawasaki opened a shipyard in Tokyo. In 1896, after the activity of the company was greatly expanded, it was called the Kawasaki Dockyard Co., Ltd., and the President appointed young businessman Cairo of Matsukata. Kawasaki in April 2003 celebrated its 125th anniversary, having brought some results: the company is among the five world leaders in the production and sales of motorcycles. Motorcycles Kawasaki is recognized as among the admirers of technical sports in the world. However, two-wheeled cars are not the only products Kawasaki. The company owns innovative developments in the creation of giant components for high-speed movement on land, water, sky. More than 80% of the Park Japanese high-speed trains produced in the factories of Kawasaki. The tunnel under the English channel, connecting Britain with the continent was drilled powerful equipment Kawasaki. And, of course, that all the revolutionary technologies that have been proven in other fields of engineering, find use in the production of modern motorcycles Kawasaki, who are always rushing ahead of time. We, Fuji motors, of course, does not manufacture products Kawasaki, we proposed and accepted, using a network of regional dealers, because the present familiarity with the Kawasaki starts with the purchase of this beautiful Japanese art. We are a young company, but the leadership and team have accumulated a wealth of sales experience Kawasaki. We still have a lot to learn, but most importantly we respect our customers and are grateful that they have chosen Kawasaki and our company. Fuji motors consistently strives to ensure that its work, work of its employees bring joy to our customers. We try to provide the most complete choice of models, colors, different accessories, services, privileges. All products have passed 100% customs clearance, excluding any legal problems in the future. In our work we strive to ensure that You are satisfied, how satisfied all Your wishes.