09 Oct. - 10 Oct., Moscow, TFG "Tishinka"

International real estate Agency "Kutuzoff" in the Russian-
Bulgarian holding company "First Investment Company", one of the leading
companies engaged in project management and a full range of services in ku-
ple-real estate in Bulgaria is a European service and pre-
is one of the largest host parties in Bulgaria. On the coast
Bulgaria — 5 offices in Russia — 10 offices. List of services:
— selection and support of investment projects;
— implementation of all operations connected with real estate in Bulgaria;
— consultations on questions of purchase, sale and leasing of real estate;
— individual selection of options for customers;
— full legal support of transactions;
— advice and assistance in obtaining residence permit and citizenship;
— registration of legal entities;
— organization of study tours throughout the country;
— assistance in obtaining visas;
— sale of air and railway tickets.


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