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06 Jun. - 07 Jun., Moscow, Marriott Royal Aurora

Second camera

Preliminary program of the second day of the conference

  • 13.00 - 13.45 HR-DEBATE
  • 13.45 - 14.00 DEBRIEFING OF HR 2012

On the second day of the onferention lll modules will work for you

II Module - Master Class by E.Flamgolts.

Eric Flamgolts

The President of Management Systems Consulting Corporation, a professor in the Anderson Graduate School of Management, researcher at the Center for Enterprise Issues(UCLA's Institute of Industrial Relations)

One of the world's leading experts on leadership, change management and organizational development.

The author's innovative concept is based on over thirty years of experience with the world's largest companies: Starbucks, Westfield, Movenpick, The Disney Store and many others.

Eric Flamgolts is the President of Management Systems Consulting Corporation since 1978, a member of the board of the corporation 99 Cents Only Stores with an annual turnover of more than U.S. $ 1.5 billion.

How to cope with rapid changes and keep the pace of business development? One of the world's leading experts on leadership and building effective organizations Flamgolts Eric proposes a new theory of leadership and change management, reveals the secrets of a long-term business success.

The author's innovative concept is based on over thirty years of experience with the world's largest companies, and is successfully used by companies such as Starbucks and Westfield. After listening to a master class, you will get their hands on a practical guide to the management of organizational change, can evaluate the effectiveness of the company and address the growth of the business.

This workshop is recommended for top managers responsible for business development, management professionals and all those interested in the problems of organizational development. It is also recommended to the students of MBA programs.

All participants of the master class will be provided with personal certificates of Eric Flamgolts IPO "Academy of Management and the market." The most active participants will receive a free book, "Managing Strategic Change: from theory to practice" autographed by the author.

II module: business game change management

Master class by Oleg Zamyshlyaev. The unique method of change management, developed on the basis of large-scale research. The participants will exchange experiences, discuss current topics of change management. In the format of a large-scale dynamic visualization will become familiar with the concept of change management.

III module: HR-debate: "Effective management of change"

Today the effective management of change in the company is the guarantor of sustainable business, increase its profitability and achieve competitiveness. Before modern managers face the problem of finding effective models of change management in order to adapt and apply them to their own realities.

We offer to join the debate on topical search tools and change management models, in which the leading HR-director of Russian and international companies, as well as top management, responsible for business development to share with his audience and expert opinion.

HR-debate is held on June 7 on the second day of "HR 2012: efficient change management" conference.

Preliminary HR-debate topics:
  • Current approaches to change management
  • Effective change management tools
  • Evaluation of implementation of changes

The moderator of the process is Oleg Zamyshlyaev, a developer of training programs and business simulations, the coach, the speaker at educational show (format "Edutainment"), director of "Oleg Zamyshlyaev Workshop".

Oleg Zamyshlyaev

Director and developer of training and development programs in the format of business simulations, business coach and leading educational show

irector and founder of "Oleg Zamyshlyaeva Workshop", which is engaged in the business of games and large-scale learning events. We are the undisputed leader in the Russian market development of business games and business simulations, and also has a significant presence in the market of large-scale training events and motivational shows, conducting business games for large groups at conferences, creating interactive formats, etc.

Pro-topic team:

Elena Petrova, HR Director, DHL Express in the CIS and South-East Europe Natalia Daniltseva, HR-Director, Member of the Board of the Alumni Association and the Presidental HS IBDA RANH

Contra-topic team:

Roman Gorokhov, Nicko Travel Group holding Director

Debate rules

Moderator announces theme and rules of HR-debate. The moderator then calls the team to present their claims. The first is leading the defense team, after the next leader of the opposition. The purpose of the defense team to present convincing arguments in support of the main theme. Opposition team directs all efforts to refute the arguments the defense team, stating counterarguments. After the parties to present their arguments, Moderator opens public debate, which lasts 15 minutes. After voting Moderator invites the audience to vote for the team, the arguments of which they found most convincing. Then summarizes the vote and announce the results.

After the debate the audience will have practical solutions and tools for change management.