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28 Sep. - 01 Oct., Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC

The TV-3 is the second season of the series "Chernobyl: exclusion Zone", which will air in the fall of 2017.

Shooting new episodes took place in the USA: the heroes are in the moment, but the Russian Federation not the USSR continues to exist, and the disaster still happened, this time in America.

"The second season was partially filmed in the United States. Of course, it was a super experience. Many things I learned from my American colleagues. In America, crazy beauty! In Russia such not to find, - shared his impressions of the actor Sergei Romanovich (hero Lech in the series). - And yet we had an episode we shot it in the desert. And suddenly, imagine, suddenly starts a wild sandstorm! Yes such that from head to toe, in my mouth, sand everywhere. The horror! So, I have not had to face. In the end, out of schedule, filming moved behind for a few days because of this. But nothing, everything happens. Most importantly, the experience - priceless!".

The first season of "Chernobyl" was shown on TNT and has become one of the most popular projects of the channel, and in 2014 was included in the program stand by Fresh TV presentation of the most interesting and commercially attractive television series from around the world.