DeLorean DMC-12

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28 Sep. - 01 Oct., Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC

DeLorean DMC-12 gained wide popularity after the release of the film "Back to the future" where the car acted as a time machine. Emmett brown, Creator of the time machine, the question of his companion, Marty, why he made a time machine into a DeLorean, said that "if you do a time machine into a car, why wouldn't she look stylish ... stainless steel body has a beneficial effect on the turbulence of the flow of time". Later in the car was replaced by a nuclear reactor running on plutonium, on the organic fusion installing Mr. Fusion of the future, and also installed a magnetic cushion, through which the car gained the ability to fly. 18 Feb 2013 in the Museum of Universal Studios Hollywood in California were established the details of the restored copy of "time machine".