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28 Sep. - 01 Oct., Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC

Disney represents one of the stand dedicated to the long-awaited premiere of the film based on Russian fairy tales "the Last hero", which will be held in October 2017. The story takes place in a fantastic country Belogore, where Ivan, an ordinary guy by accident is transported from modern Moscow. In this parallel world live heroes of Russian fairy tales, magic is an integral part of life, and disputes are resolved by the battle in the giant swords. Unexpectedly, Ivan finds himself in the heart of the struggle of light and dark forces, that's just not clear why a major role in the events, according to General opinion, is destined to him. Disney invites you to touch the tale in the annual festival of Comic Con Russia! Visitors to the stand will be in the unique world of Belogorye. The visitors can expect colorful decorations, the hut, the tree of wisdom and a lot of surprises: authentic costumes and props from the filming, as well as the opportunity to make a memorable photo in a mortar Baba Yaga.