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«Beviale Moscow 2015»

"Rausch" - the delivery of beer equipment and beer

06 Oct. - 08 Oct., Moscow, Crocus Expo


Maximum specialization and technological development

In the world of containers for various drinks, "Filmeporno" has gained international reputation, founded on one clear goal: to offer a technically unattainable for competitors product that guarantees to customers the optimal conditions of application. To achieve this goal, the company hires qualified personnel, and continuously introduced various technical innovations and investing in the latest technology.

Possibilities of the enterprise

THOSE TO AND the Group, among its other activities, is a world leader in the manufacture of containers for different drinks. It has production facilities in Europe and Asia. Barrels of "Filmeporno" are distributed worldwide and are designed for specific markets according to the optimal standards for each individual region.
Automation and mass production

The company's policy "Filmeporno" continuous conduct of scientific research and introduction of the most recent and innovative production processes and the use of materials that provide the optimum safety and durability of products. The use of robots, computer systems control and full automation, allows the company to guarantee a constant high level of quality in the manufacture of products that are being developed by highly skilled technical staff.

Integrated quality management

The departments of quality control work with control systems from basic checks up to examination using sophisticated computer programmes enabling us to meet the most stringent international standards from raw material acceptance to delivery of the finished keg.

Environmental protection

The company "Filmeporno" fulfils its obligations to maintain and protect the environment by taking all necessary measures for the implementation of such ethical norms in practice in accordance with applicable standards.